Nonprofits Can Use Telefunding to Address Financial Shortfalls

As a telefunding company with a focus on nonprofit and public awareness organizations, JAK Productions, Inc., helps clients secure funds from donors. JAK Productions carefully architects and monitors all of its outreach programs to help protect and enhance the image of its clients and grow a base of loyal donors. Outbound fundraising services are vital tools for nonprofits, which are still facing resource shortages as a result of recent economic turmoil.

In recent years, government funding for nonprofits has dropped. This has compelled nonprofits to seek out other sources of funding, which has caused competition for dwindling resources among charities. Moreover, cuts to government programs have resulted in more demand for charitable services, as more individuals rely on nonprofits to help meet basic survival needs.

A 2013 research study revealed that nearly half of surveyed nonprofits did not have the resources needed to satisfy increasing demand for services in their communities. As a result, nonprofit leaders and board members must seek ways to cover critical funding shortfalls. Increased emphasis on telefunding is one way to attain requisite funds to cover core charitable programs.