JAK Productions

How Nonprofits Can Interpret Donor Retention Rates

In addition to conducting telefunding calls for its nonprofit clients, JAK Productions, Inc., assists its customers in the important process of donor retention. JAK Productions encourages them to be creative in finding means to boost the number of persons who donate year after year, and it offers assistance in that effort.

The value of retention numbers is best understood in context. An organization should compare its retention rate in the current year with previous years. If this year’s rates are lower than last year’s, they need to check carefully what can be done to improve.

To investigate further, nonprofits should examine the rates from different segments of their donors’ demographics. For instance, looking at contribution statistics from volunteers, patients, families, or alumni might be helpful, as well as the data for first-time and multi-year donors.

After comparing these segment totals with earlier performances, donation seekers can devise new ideas to reach each segment. For segments that rose in giving, they should be sure to continue the methods that effectively stimulated their participation.


Nonprofits Can Use Telefunding to Address Financial Shortfalls

As a telefunding company with a focus on nonprofit and public awareness organizations, JAK Productions, Inc., helps clients secure funds from donors. JAK Productions carefully architects and monitors all of its outreach programs to help protect and enhance the image of its clients and grow a base of loyal donors. Outbound fundraising services are vital tools for nonprofits, which are still facing resource shortages as a result of recent economic turmoil.

In recent years, government funding for nonprofits has dropped. This has compelled nonprofits to seek out other sources of funding, which has caused competition for dwindling resources among charities. Moreover, cuts to government programs have resulted in more demand for charitable services, as more individuals rely on nonprofits to help meet basic survival needs.

A 2013 research study revealed that nearly half of surveyed nonprofits did not have the resources needed to satisfy increasing demand for services in their communities. As a result, nonprofit leaders and board members must seek ways to cover critical funding shortfalls. Increased emphasis on telefunding is one way to attain requisite funds to cover core charitable programs.

Representative Training at JAK Productions

JAK Productions has helped its non-profit clients identify and retain supporters for more than 30 years. With more than 75 years of combined industry experience, the JAK Productions call center management team provides a comprehensive training program to ensure that new agents can communicate with potential donors as effectively as possible.

The extensive training system for JAK representatives focuses on accuracy, effectiveness, and compliance. Each agent is taught to maintain a results-oriented approach while remaining respectful and courteous in all interactions with potential donors. Trainees receive substantial instruction on disclosure requirements on the state and federal levels, as well as “Do Not Call” list regulations. Each employee must pass a test on this information before working on the sales floor, ensuring that all telefunding agents are sufficiently prepared to represent JAK Productions and its client organizations.

Agents also receive ongoing training in the form of performance feedback from call center managers. This feedback is facilitated by the Quality Assurance Department, a division that evaluates call samples using a basic rating system. This allows managers to provide feedback to representatives in a clear and consistent manner.