donor retention

How Nonprofits Can Interpret Donor Retention Rates

In addition to conducting telefunding calls for its nonprofit clients, JAK Productions, Inc., assists its customers in the important process of donor retention. JAK Productions encourages them to be creative in finding means to boost the number of persons who donate year after year, and it offers assistance in that effort.

The value of retention numbers is best understood in context. An organization should compare its retention rate in the current year with previous years. If this year’s rates are lower than last year’s, they need to check carefully what can be done to improve.

To investigate further, nonprofits should examine the rates from different segments of their donors’ demographics. For instance, looking at contribution statistics from volunteers, patients, families, or alumni might be helpful, as well as the data for first-time and multi-year donors.

After comparing these segment totals with earlier performances, donation seekers can devise new ideas to reach each segment. For segments that rose in giving, they should be sure to continue the methods that effectively stimulated their participation.